Design-Build of Concrete Bunkers for Radiotherapy Units

Technical expertise and core knowledge

Our team has the technical expertise and core knowledge along with over a decade of experience in construction of Concrete Bunkers for Radiotherapy units used in Oncology Centers. Precision Engineering and High quality execution are the basic requirements in the construction of the bunkers. We have installed machines from all leading manufacturers in High Energy and Low Energy segments. Turn-Key construction of Radiation Therapy units including Civil, Structural, Electrical, HVAC and internal finishes is our USP.  

Design-Build of Concrete Bunkers in Existing Commercial Building

Innovating and adapting

At Omega Hospitals and Care Hospitals, we were faced with a unique requirement of constructing concrete bunkers in existing commercial buildings, while the building was operational. A thorough structural analysis of the building was taken up to determine the process of cutting the existing slab while the balance structure remained safe. Our team had to work in shallow areas to tie reinforcement crawling through the cage on their backs. Self-compacting concrete was pumped in through the holes in slab while monitoring the voids. We completed the bunkers with zero leakage (Radio-Active Leakage) concreting without disturbing the operations on the floors above.